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Electric Cars - are they the answer to Metro/Local Polution?

Well, not in itself, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Can Electric vehicles help?

The Corona Pandemic has taught us that people's minds 'can' change overnight. Why do we have to wait for Climate Change to show us its destructive power every week, before we decide to do something about it?

Climate Change is happening - Unprecedented changes are occuring around the world now, A global response must garner strength now. We've seen what can be achieved with The Pandemic when Science is backed by a global governmental response - everything can change.

President Biden has taken a bold step, (in stark contrast to his predecessor), for someone who prefers gas guzzling 'muscle cars'! (One of his most prized possessions is a 1967 Corvette which he inherited from his Father). But as mentioned he's trying to get everyone behind his push for electrification, A movement known as 'Electrify America', and by sliding $175B aross the table, America and  the developed world please take note. A government response is required. UK government - now was not the time to reduce Grants available to potential purchasers of electric vehicles! it sends out the wrong message.